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How Affiliate Marketing Works

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Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

No Up-Front Investment

Our affiliate program is entirely risk-free due to our paid on performance (commission only) structure.

Control Profit Margins

Profit margins are controlled with our affiliate program because you pay a fixed commission on each sale.

Drive Immediate Sales

Our affiliate publishers get so much traffic on their websites that sales are driven immediately.

Why Purebred Marketing?

7,000+ Affiliate Publishers

1 Billion+ Monthly Users

100% Affiliate Clients Retained

A Few of Our Clients

Affiliate Marketing Case Studies


$0 to $250,000 in affiliate sales in 6 months


Client has an e-commerce clothing store with the majority being t-shirts in the $20 range. They had been unsuccessful trying to run an affiliate campaign on their own.


We deployed an aggressive recruiting strategy including large media publications, deal aggregator sites, niche bloggers and review sites, and we created a robust marketing promotions calendar.


We quickly scaled their affiliate sales which broke $100,000 in monthly affiliate revenue in 3 months and increased to over $250,000 in 6 months.


28:1 return on investment


Client has an e-commerce subscription based cat litter company. Prior to working with us, they had the most success acquiring customers with Facebook ads at around $35 per customer.


We launched their campaign with a recruiting emphasis on deal aggregators and review sites in order to drive immediate sales. Once we got a good base of these affiliates, we put a heavy focus on large media publications and niche bloggers.


We drove $17,818 in affiliate sales the 1st month. The 2nd month, we landed a huge media publication which resulted in $8,000 in sales in a single day. This resulted in having to halt recruiting for inventory purposes. Once we were able to start recruiting again, we drove $28,639 the 1st month back.

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