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People are searching for your products but they can't find your site.

Do you currently rank on the first page of Google? If not, you’re losing easy sales everyday. 

Why? Because 93% of online experiences start with a search engine and roughly 75% of people never scroll to the second page of a Google search.

With a SEO strategy that’s tailored for eCommerce companies, you’ll stop losing customers to your competitors and start ranking on Google’s first page to skyrocket your traffic and revenue.


We help eCommerce websites like yours rank at the top of Google in highly competitive niches.

When you have to compete for search rankings against giants like Amazon, WalMart, PetsMart and others, many businesses don’t think it’s worth investing in SEO because you have no hope of competing. 

We’ve formulated a tried and tested strategy that helps small and mid-sized eCommerce websites outrank these behemoths. 


Benefits of SEO

More customers will see your site

Your website will be optimized with keyword phrases relevant to your business to ensure you rank ahead of your competitors on a search engine results page.

More customers will visit your site

Once your company ranks higher on Google, more potential customers will find you and you'll start generating more traffic and qualified leads.

More customers will buy from your site

Your revenue and return on investment (ROI) will consistently increase over time with a well-rounded SEO strategy.

A Few of Our Clients


17x ROI from eCommerce SEO in 3 months

Background: Client is an eCommerce pet retailer with a product line of a luxury variation of a very mainstream pet product. This is an extremely competitive space with big box competitors like PetsMart and Petco, but also with giants like Overstock, Wayfair, WalMart and many others.

Plan: We constructed a plan which would make a positive ROI very quickly but would also have a lot of long-term upside. For short-term success, we optimized for long-tail keywords very specific to their product which differentiated them from most of the target keywords of the big box stores, while at the same time we worked on very competitive keywords with enormous search volume.

Result: They achieved profitable ROI by month 2, 17x ROI by month 3 and broke 30x ROI within 1 year. Their ongoing monthly investment remained the same, but we continued to gain better rankings for more keywords which continued to increase visibility, traffic, and most importantly revenue!


161% increase in traffic with eCommerce SEO

Background: Client is a high end reseller of European antiques with an extremely high average order value of around $2000. They have a brick-and-mortar location, but they knew there was far more growth potential to expand into eCommerce which has now allowed them to sell and ship their products all over the world.

Plan: The client carries a large amount of inventory but all of their pieces are one-of-a-kind so we directed our efforts toward optimizing for keywords relating to their industry or antique furniture categories as opposed to specific products. But, we had to have a strong off-site and technical SEO strategy with so many products being added and removed consistently to ensure optimal site health and crawlability.

Result: Within 2 months, their site traffic already increased by 46% which equated to a 44% increase in online sales and a 7x ROI on their spend investment. And a year into SEO efforts, traffic had increased by 151% producing a 161% increase in online sales and a 14x ROI.


2,646% increase in SEO traffic leads to 24x ROI

Background: Client is an eCommerce pet retailer with a product line of a luxury variation of a very mainstream pet product. This is an extremely competitive space with big box competitors like PetsMart and Petco, but also with giants like Overstock, Wayfair, WalMart and many others.

Plan: Many of the huge online retailers have similar SEO strategies which consist of going after major category pages and then very specific products. We knew an extensive audit to make the right keyword selection, producing long-form content around those keywords and strong off-site execution would make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

Result: In two months, we increased sales from SEO by 23% already yielding 3x ROI, and by month four, sales had increased by 46%. Traffic, sales and ROI have all consistently risen as we continue to expand our strategy. We are currently just over three years into our SEO efforts in which we have increased monthly organic traffic by 2,646%, online sales by 511% with a 24x ROI.

You don't need a SEO company.

You need an eCommerce SEO company.

Many of the basics of SEO are similar for any type of website – you need quality on-page content for relevance, a strong off-site strategy to build authority and properly executed technical SEO for optimal site health. 

Firstly, many SEOs don’t use a well-rounded strategy which  incorporates all of those areas, but for those who do, this can give a typical eCommerce company a decent boost in rankings. 

However, there are many factors that are specific to eCommerce that play a significant role in the success of your SEO efforts. And to be frank, most people who don’t specialize in eCommerce SEO, leave these aspects untouched. 

How do we know? Almost every time we get a new eCommerce client who has been working with another SEO company, we see the same issues. 

Most of the out-of-box eCommerce shopping carts like Shopify and WooCommerce are great for the average business owner to manage the products in their store, but there are a lot of issues that naturally come with this. 

User experience and site speed are two huge issues (and these are the primary focuses of Google’s next big algorithm update) that we see all the time.

Duplicate content is another huge issue that naturally comes from these platforms unless manually fixed. Why does duplicate content hurt you? Google doesn’t know which page to rank so it ends up ranking none of them!

A quick way to see if your site is experiencing this issue:

  • Count or estimate how many pages you should have on your site.
  • Now, go to Google.
  • Search “site:yourwebsite.com”
  • Under the search bar it will tell you how many pages are indexed with Google.

Is the number you see far higher than what you expected?

Then you fall victim of this!

But, don’t worry! When you work with us, you get eCommerce experts who know what to look for, how to identify these issues and how to fix these problems!

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